Chemical Dosing System

Purpose: A Chemical Dosing System is a system used in industrial processes to inject precise amounts of chemicals into a process stream. The chemicals are typically used to control various aspects of the process, such as pH levels, corrosion, scale buildup, and microbial growth..

The dosing system typically consists of one or more chemical storage tanks, pumps to deliver the chemicals to the injection point, and a control system to regulate the amount of chemical injected. The control system may be based on a feedback loop that monitors process parameters such as pH, conductivity, or turbidity, or it may be based on a set time schedule.s




Chemical dosing systems are used in a variety of industrial applications, including water treatment, wastewater treatment, chemical production, food and beverage production, and pharmaceutical production. They are a cost-effective and reliable way to control process parameters and ensure consistent quality of the final product. Properly designed and maintained chemical dosing systems can also help to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Technical Aspects: Available in ATEX, CE, ASME, API, IS…..etc.

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