Strainers are essential components in many industrial processes that involve the transfer of fluids. They are used to remove debris, particles, and impurities from the flowing fluid to protect downstream equipment from damage and clogging. Strainers come in various designs, materials, and sizes to suit different applications and flow rates.


Verito Strainer range includes the following types:

  • Magnetic Strainer
  • Basket Straine
  • Y-Strainer




  • Sizes: 1" to 48"
  • Materials of Construction: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Mild Steel
  • Mesh sizes: 10 mesh to 400 mesh
  • Connection types:Flanged, Threaded, Butt-weld
  • Pressure ratings: ANSI Class 150 to 2500, PN10 to PN250


Features and Benefits
  • Reliable protection for downstream equipment
  • Cost-effective solution for debris removal
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Wide range of sizes, materials, and designs
  • Can be customized to suit specific requirements