Auto-Polyelectrolyte Dosing System

Purpose: An auto-polyelectrolyte injection package is to optimize the performance of solid-liquid separation processes in water and wastewater treatment by automating and controlling the injection of polyelectrolyte.

Overview: An auto-polyelectrolyte dosing system is a device used in the treatment of water and wastewater to optimize the performance of solid-liquid separation processes such as sedimentation, flotation, and filtration.

Polyelectrolytes are high molecular weight, water-soluble polymers that can be positively or negatively charged, depending on the type of functional group present in their structure. They are commonly used in water treatment processes as coagulants, flocculants, and dewatering agents.




The auto-polyelectrolyte dosing system consists of a dosing pump, a control unit, and a polymer tank. The dosing pump is used to inject the polyelectrolyte into the water or wastewater stream, and the control unit adjusts the dose of the polyelectrolyte based on the flow rate of the water or wastewater.

The polymer tank is used to store the polyelectrolyte solution, which is typically prepared by diluting a concentrated polymer solution with water. The concentration of the polyelectrolyte solution, as well as the dosing rate, is determined by the specific water treatment application.

The auto-polyelectrolyte dosing system is an automated and precise method of adding polyelectrolyte to water and wastewater, which helps to improve the efficiency of solid-liquid separation processes, reduce chemical consumption, and minimize the environmental impact of the water treatment process.

Supplied to: one of the top global specialty chemicals company that provides solutions for a variety of industries, including coatings, adhesives, plastics, engineering plastics, agricultural, and other chemical markets.

Project: Perstorp, Sayakha, Gujarat.

Technical Aspects: Available in ATEX, CE, ASME, API, IS…..etc.

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