Use: To Reduce Pulsation

Material of construction: SS 304, SS316, PP, MS + PTFE, MS + EP, PTFE, PVC

Capacity: Up to 13 ltr.

Type: Volume bottle

End connection: Screwed, Flanged


Use: Y type Strainers protect your fluid handling systems against damage that that can occur to valves, traps, pumps diaphragm& other equipment when foreign matter such as dirt scale or welding particles travel through the pipeline.

Material of construction:SS 304, SS316, PP, MS+PTFE

Size: ½" to 6"

Type: "Y" types

End connection: Up to 1½" Screwed end above 2" Flanged end

Pressure Safety Valve

Use: For Safety of pump and pipe line damage due to excess pressure

Material of construction: SSn 304, SS316, PP, PTFE

Type: Spring Loaded

End connection: Screwed, Flanged

Anti Siphoning Valve

Use: Anti-Siphon valves allow water to flow only in one direction.
In Metering pumps require back pressure outputs in both low pressure or open discharge applications
Siphoning of chemical can occur when the discharge point is downhill or operating at negative system pressures, Anti-Shiphon protections allows accurate pump operation in these conditons
Inject of fluid in to pressurised line

Material of construction: SS 304, SS316, PP, PTFE, PVC

End connection: Screwed, Flanged

Calibration Port

Use: A calibration pot is a simple and economical way of measuring a specific volume. It is installed on suction site of dosing pump to accurately measure and adjust the dosage flow. It ensure that the metering pump doses a specific amount of liquid, verified by this type of graduated cylinders.

Material of construction:SS 304, SS316, PP, PTFE, PVC

Sight Material of construction: Acrylic, Borosilicate

End connection: Screwed, Flanged