Additive Injection Packages for JET Fuel System

Purpose: Additive Injection Packages (AIPs) for Jet Fuel systems are specialized chemicals added to enhance jet fuel performance, reduce deposits and contaminants, improve combustion efficiency, reduce emissions, and may have anti-icing properties.

Overview: Additive Injection Packages (AIPs) for Jet Fuel systems are specialized chemicals that are added to jet fuel to enhance its properties and performance. They are typically injected into the fuel system at various stages of the fueling process, such as during fueling or when the fuel is being transferred from one location to another.

The primary purpose of AIPs is to improve the quality and performance of jet fuel. This can include reducing the buildup of deposits and contaminants in the fuel system, improving the combustion efficiency of the fuel, and reducing emissions. Some AIPs may also have anti-icing properties, which can help prevent the formation of ice in the fuel system at high altitudes.




AIPs are typically designed for use with specific types of jet fuel and aircraft engines, and they must be carefully formulated to ensure that they do not have any adverse effects on the fuel or the engine. They are typically used by airlines and other operators of large aircraft to improve the reliability and safety of their operations.

It is important to note that AIPs are not a substitute for proper maintenance and safety procedures, and they should always be used in conjunction with other safety measures and best practices.

Supplied to: One of the major international airports in Europe.

Project: Heathrow Airport (London)

Technical Aspects: Available in ATEX, CE, ASME, API, IS…..etc.

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