Electronic Dosing Pump

Technical Brochure

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It is a positive displacement diaphragm metering pump operating at 230V, 50Hz supply. It is base mountable.Solenoid pushes the diaphragm which in turn pushes the liquid into the system. Solenoid is actuated by a solid state electronic circuit. It has controls for the desire accuracy of the dosing.





  • Superior diaphragm is designed to ensure to long life even under the most demanding applications. We are using imported quality Solid PTFE diaphragm.


Electronic Circuit
  • State of the art electronic circuit (protectively coated with epoxy) is virtually unaffected by temperature,magnetic fields & other electric disturbances.


  • PP, PVDF, PTFE & SS316, Alloy20


Salient Features
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to operate
  • Economical
  • World class next generation Dosing Pumps
  • Inbuilt Air Relief Valve
  • Solid PTFE Diaphragm
  • Double NRV Check Valves
  • Less noise
  • Minimum SPM
  • Optionally Digital display of SPM available


  • High quality, hot rated solenoid is designed to dissipate heat. Capacities & pressure do not derate even over extended use.


Technical Specification
  • Power Supply 230v AC, 50Hz
  • Power consumption at max. speed 40 Watt
  • Fuse 500mA / 230v Ac
  • Pump stroke per minute {adjustable} 120 Max
  • Negative Suction 1 Mtr
  • environment temperature 40'C Max
  • Capacity Max 50 Lph
  • Pressure Minimum 13 Kg
No Technical Specification Capacity
1 Power Supply 230v AC, 50Hz
2 Power consumption at max. speed 40 Watta
3 Fuse 500mA / 230v Ac
4 Pump stroke per minute {adjustable} 120 Max
5 Negative Suction 1 Mtr
6 Environment Temperature 40'C Max
7 Capacity Max 50 Lph
8 Pressure Max 17 Kg
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